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Dec 30, 2012 10:00am EST
is a part of the process. >> the current freshman class has given speaker boehner -- how do you see your freshman class in along with the speaker -- getting along with the sp eaker? >> i do not know him well. i believe that our freshman class is a diverse group of folks. we of the more than a dozen business owners. -- have got more than a dozen business owners. we have dozens of folks who have been involved in local and state governments. they're coming to washington to get things done. speaker boehner has a very hard job. when president obama makes a decision for the executive branch of government, it is the agenda for that branch of government. speaker boehner cannot really do anything more than the votes he can obtain for any part of that agenda. i have heard very little of any kind of uprising. i certainly would anticipate voting for him. >> you mentioned a little bit about your time in the state legislature in indiana. one of the things i was interested in was, you saw the way that the house worked in the 1990's. you went back to indiana, ran for state legislature, you were elected.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1